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Many people from the USA are inclined towards personal development and spiritual questioning. This point towards an ayahuasca experience that has an emphasis on spiritual awakening. Ayahuasca ceremony during ayahuasca retreats usa help build spiritual, physical, mental connections within ourselves and create a balance in our system as a whole. In this way, it moves from an ayahuasca healing experience to the world of revelations and evolving personal paths. Mystery. Awakening. There are church members like the Santo Daime, Soul quest ayahuasca church of Mother Earth, The União do Vegetal (UDV), Native American Church where the ayahuasca experience is wrapped in a religious form, often mimicking a continuation of our western own Christian traditions of the united states. This format is great for those seeking connection to religious experiences and communities. The same can be said for the traditional concepts of a shaman, a medicine man who communicates with the spirit world, and acts as a link between the two worlds. All have a spiritual connection - some make you feel connected to the group, the church, or family. Others facilitate it 1on1 as was with the traditional tribal in-house healer. These ayahuasca retreat centers in the usa have evolved to encompass the spiritual traditions of the east and have been influencing the world for the last 50 years. The western psychological concepts have reached our society, owing a lot to the infiltration of eastern thought into the western world. It would seem that ayahuasca has found a perfect ground to accelerate its teachings. It is in this perfect storm of mind, that we now find questions that evolve around us and influence ayahuasca retreats.