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How it all began..

Our company’s journey began while I was living abroad in Europe. With years of experience in the antique business, I was enthralled by the beauty and abundance of the pieces I began to acquire all over Europe. In the beginning, I enjoyed documenting each piece’s history and the area where it came from. Not only was this a fascination for me, but I found my clients loved to hear all about the historical significance of the pieces they were putting in their homes. I had unknowingly started something big, something that I loved doing, and it was an exciting time..

The abundance of antique furniture in Europe along with the simultaneous demand for it in the States propelled our business forward and very quickly we became the largest seller of antique furniture on eBay. Suddenly our company grew to 30+ employees and we were working around the clock and had warehouses spanning the globe from New York to Belgium, Italy and France.

With this exponential growth came more opportunities, meeting with the CEO of eBay, furnishing incredible estates, and expanding the business to custom architectural pieces in marble and iron.

Over the years the antique market began to shift, times changed, and so did the demand for antique furniture. Feeling this shift, I began to change course. We began replicating some of the best antique architectural pieces we had imported over the years. And our architectural products began to take off...

So we began making custom marble, iron and bronze pieces for our client's homes, for businesses, designers, and contractors. From custom marble mantels, statues, and gazebos to iron railings, street lights, doors and much much more.. Over the years we have had the privilege of working on some of the most incredible projects. From beautiful estates and venues to a large conservatory for The Bryant Museum. Our conservatory structures can be seen outside restaurants, at wedding venues, and estates, as sunrooms or greenhouses, all over the world.

In charting this new course and growing as a company, our interest in fine antique Church items has grown as well. We carry everything from Mayer of Munich antique stained glass windows, antique statuary, baptismal fonts, tabernacles, to massive hand carved alters. We now acquire Church items from all over the country making it possible for these beautiful works of art to find renewed purpose in Churches, museums, and private homes.

In looking back at how this all began, I realize it was our journey to get where we are today that makes us really good at what we do.

Thank you for reading our first ever blog post! We hope you come back for our next post where we continue to talk about all things antique, architectural and design. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We can be reached via email or phone (845)246-7274

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