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Incredible Antique Stained Glass Religious Church Window
  • Incredible Antique Stained Glass Religious Church Window

    SKU: NJC54

    Enhance the beauty and spiritual atmosphere of your church with this incredible 12' round antique stained glass window featuring a stunning depiction of Christ and the apostles. This exquisite piece of religious art captures the attention of all who enter, drawing them into the stories and teachings of the Bible. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stained glass window offers a timeless and awe-inspiring addition to any place of worship. The vibrant colors and intricate design create a sense of reverence and wonder, making it a truly unforgettable focal point for your church. Whether you are restoring a historic building or looking to enhance the atmosphere of a modern church, this stained glass window is sure to leave a lasting impression. The frame is not included, only the stained glass panels. 

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